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Hats. Lovely hats. If ladies decided to wear hats in the 70’s and 80’s. And look fabolous doing it, why shouldn’t we? For the next part of the famous comebacks, I will be discussing the hat.

Just recently Irene Bussemaker was featered in ELLE magazine. Irene Bussemaker is a well known dutch hatdesigner, winner of the Hat Designer of the Year 2007.  The article caught my eye, because just recently I bought two hats. I found them at a vintage shop and decided that I too shall be a hat wearer. Because frankly, why the hell not?

According to the article there are reasons to not wear a hat. One of those reasons is when it does not suit you. Plain and simple. To determine whether a hat could be a keeper, is to take a picture of yourself (wearing the hat obviously). The picture will give you a good idea of the way you look wearing a hat. According to Irene, you will immediately see whether you are a hat person, or not. I did not try this myself, because I decided that a hat looks great on me. And that’s final. Did I mention that I purchased two hats. Not one. Two hats. I’ll be wearing them soon. Very soon.

Irene Bussemaker also sums up a few basic rules on the art of wearing a hat. Yes people, there are rules. The rule of all rules, to my opinion, is to keep it decent. Do not over-accessorize or try to match the hat with other items. Try to keep your outfit calm and balanced.


If you’re like me and your main focus in films is clothes, then you’ ll remember this.

The wonderful 80’s. We all know it’s back. And i’m thrilled! The high waisted pleated pants, the hats, the shoulder pads and the blazers. Oh the blazers. How many blazers i’ve purchased so far, you ask? I can’t say, all I know is that i’m not done yet. I have fallen in love mommy and it’s draining me financially. In this first part of the oldies comeback, i’ll be discussing the famous: High waisted pleated pants.

Need some more references as to what the hell i’m talking about?

Annie Hall. Adorable. Eventhough that would technically be the 70’s. Nevertheless, it’s back. It’s all back. Down with glamour and glitter I say.

How chic and sophisticated. I could go on and on about Chloé by the way. What amazing pieces.

If this was an add, I’d totally say: ‘ Get yours today!’

I’ll be the first to say that I absolutely love vintage. But there is one thing about vintage I do not love. And that, my friends, is the overvintaged problem. I call it a problem, because it simply is. I bet you all know what i’m talking about. Actually no, I do not think you all know what i’m talking about. But picture your favorite vintage shop. Also picture that shop being the only shop to clothe you. I know, its a strange idea. Unfortunately alot of people have taken it to that extreme. Overvintaged. Its a word i’ve made up because there simply isnt a word for it. Overvintaged is what i call people that are dressed from head to toe in vintage. I bet I can come up with a better word for it. It needs work. Do you have any idea what to call it?

Bottomline, overvintaging does not look good. This looks a mess. This looks like you’ve lost the vintage idea. The idea of vintage clothing is that you pick, choose and mix new and old. And not look like you’re schizofrenic great aunt who wore red lipstick, fake fur and oversized cardigans till the day she got commited.

Exhibit A:

Although I adore her guts for wearing this. And I do believe that people celebrate this ‘look’. I do not like it. It’s not something i’d wear on planet earth.

Exhibit B:

Tavi @

Oh Tavi, How I love her and her many talents. You’ re a great writer and probably a little mastermind too. But, dressing yourself. No no darling. No.

Exhibit C:

Yes people, I did it. I used an innocent old lady to make my point.

How do you incorporate vintage into your look?

Okey people. Didnt we all vow NOT to wear stone washed jeans again? Ever?! Not even when you’re trying to embarass your mother on the family reunion?

As one fabolous line from SATC goes:

‘Charlotte: Imagine, being blind and not being able to see a beautiful day like today. Can you think of anything worse?
Anthony: Stonewashed jeans and a matching jacket.”

Thank you Anthony! If we can’t take advice from a flamming gay man, who can we trust? Isn’t that how we all felt about the stone washed phenomenon? I guess not. Because in this picture, Rihanna makes an attempt to rock the jeans.*shaking head*As you can see, dear readers, i’m not eager on buying a pair. Or maybe I should? Ok, i’m not buying them. I refuse to give into it. In fact, let’s all NOT buy stone washed jeans. My verdict is out. Stone washed jeans are NOT cool. And not worthy of a spot in my closet.

Or maybe it’s just Rihanna totally ruining the look? Let’s look at some other worthy examples, shall we? Balmain?

Ok, no. I’m done. These jeans have been washed out of my mind.

How do you feel about stone washed jeans?

Hiya everyone,

Oooh goody! My first post! Ive been on the verge of a breakdown due to current developments in the fashion scene. Lets just say that I looooooooooove fashion. But I’m also torn between lots and lots of fashion items. ‘To buy or not to buy?’ is my daily thought on each and everyone one of these wanna haves. In order to clear the clouds on these particular items, I’ll be analysing them by picking and choosing from the hot items we have seen walking down the runway. These are also the items seen during window shopping (because how much can u buy really? I, for one, am broke, let me tell you, or no I wont. I’m so embarassed).  Or seen on a fashionista strutting down the street. And let’s not begin talking about fashion blogs! *fashion addiction; HELLO!* However these items display themselves. I must have them. All. But I cannot obviously. Not only because of my pathetic little wallet but also because some are just plain ridicilous and need to be talked into some sense. Yes, i’m talking about you crazy glitter leggings and leather dresses!  I think my little introduction has said it all. So get reading people. Also, your input is much valued. I cannot wait to read your comments.

Cheerio fashion lovers