Hats. Lovely hats. If ladies decided to wear hats in the 70’s and 80’s. And look fabolous doing it, why shouldn’t we? For the next part of the famous comebacks, I will be discussing the hat.

Just recently Irene Bussemaker was featered in ELLE magazine. Irene Bussemaker is a well known dutch hatdesigner, winner of the Hat Designer of the Year 2007.  The article caught my eye, because just recently I bought two hats. I found them at a vintage shop and decided that I too shall be a hat wearer. Because frankly, why the hell not?

According to the article there are reasons to not wear a hat. One of those reasons is when it does not suit you. Plain and simple. To determine whether a hat could be a keeper, is to take a picture of yourself (wearing the hat obviously). The picture will give you a good idea of the way you look wearing a hat. According to Irene, you will immediately see whether you are a hat person, or not. I did not try this myself, because I decided that a hat looks great on me. And that’s final. Did I mention that I purchased two hats. Not one. Two hats. I’ll be wearing them soon. Very soon.

Irene Bussemaker also sums up a few basic rules on the art of wearing a hat. Yes people, there are rules. The rule of all rules, to my opinion, is to keep it decent. Do not over-accessorize or try to match the hat with other items. Try to keep your outfit calm and balanced.