Hiya everyone,

Oooh goody! My first post! Ive been on the verge of a breakdown due to current developments in the fashion scene. Lets just say that I looooooooooove fashion. But I’m also torn between lots and lots of fashion items. ‘To buy or not to buy?’ is my daily thought on each and everyone one of these wanna haves. In order to clear the clouds on these particular items, I’ll be analysing them by picking and choosing from the hot items we have seen walking down the runway. These are also the items seen during window shopping (because how much can u buy really? I, for one, am broke, let me tell you, or no I wont. I’m so embarassed).  Or seen on a fashionista strutting down the street. And let’s not begin talking about fashion blogs! *fashion addiction; HELLO!* However these items display themselves. I must have them. All. But I cannot obviously. Not only because of my pathetic little wallet but also because some are just plain ridicilous and need to be talked into some sense. Yes, i’m talking about you crazy glitter leggings and leather dresses!  I think my little introduction has said it all. So get reading people. Also, your input is much valued. I cannot wait to read your comments.

Cheerio fashion lovers