I’ll be the first to say that I absolutely love vintage. But there is one thing about vintage I do not love. And that, my friends, is the overvintaged problem. I call it a problem, because it simply is. I bet you all know what i’m talking about. Actually no, I do not think you all know what i’m talking about. But picture your favorite vintage shop. Also picture that shop being the only shop to clothe you. I know, its a strange idea. Unfortunately alot of people have taken it to that extreme. Overvintaged. Its a word i’ve made up because there simply isnt a word for it. Overvintaged is what i call people that are dressed from head to toe in vintage. I bet I can come up with a better word for it. It needs work. Do you have any idea what to call it?

Bottomline, overvintaging does not look good. This looks a mess. This looks like you’ve lost the vintage idea. The idea of vintage clothing is that you pick, choose and mix new and old. And not look like you’re schizofrenic great aunt who wore red lipstick, fake fur and oversized cardigans till the day she got commited.

Exhibit A:

Although I adore her guts for wearing this. And I do believe that people celebrate this ‘look’. I do not like it. It’s not something i’d wear on planet earth.

Exhibit B:

Tavi @ www.hanneli.com

Oh Tavi, How I love her and her many talents. You’ re a great writer and probably a little mastermind too. But, dressing yourself. No no darling. No.

Exhibit C:

Yes people, I did it. I used an innocent old lady to make my point.

How do you incorporate vintage into your look?