If you’re like me and your main focus in films is clothes, then you’ ll remember this.

The wonderful 80’s. We all know it’s back. And i’m thrilled! The high waisted pleated pants, the hats, the shoulder pads and the blazers. Oh the blazers. How many blazers i’ve purchased so far, you ask? I can’t say, all I know is that i’m not done yet. I have fallen in love mommy and it’s draining me financially. In this first part of the oldies comeback, i’ll be discussing the famous: High waisted pleated pants.

Need some more references as to what the hell i’m talking about?

Annie Hall. Adorable. Eventhough that would technically be the 70’s. Nevertheless, it’s back. It’s all back. Down with glamour and glitter I say.

How chic and sophisticated. I could go on and on about Chloé by the way. What amazing pieces.

If this was an add, I’d totally say: ‘ Get yours today!’